Symptoms of pregnancy or premenstrual syndrome?

Stork coming? But are you absolutely sure or are they the classic pains of the menstrual cycle? It happens to many women to wonder if it is possible to distinguish the symptoms of a possible pregnancy from those of the cycle, perhaps after an unprotected relationship. First, avoid being influenced and, without delay, take the pregnancy test. It’s the only really sure way to rule out being pregnant. So here is all there is to know to understand if it is pregnancy symptoms or menstrual symptoms.

Difference between pregnancy symptoms and menstruation

What are the symptoms of the cycle ? What are those of a pregnancy? Below you will find a list, more or less exhaustive, that could clarify your ideas a little. Given that the symptoms of pregnancy are in some ways similar to the premenstrual ones, due to the production of progesterone, we see in detail some important aspects that could make the picture clearer. All these symptoms appear because when the egg is fertilized the organism and the uterus prepare to receive it and there are a series of hormonal changes that are the main cause of the symptoms. Already after one or two weeks after conception, you may feel tired and breast pain, but also nausea and a particular sensitivity to odors. And if now you are thinking that after all the symptoms of pregnancy are very similar to those of the premenstrual syndrome, in fact, it is really so, but remember though that the first of all is, however, the gonorrhoea, or the lack of a cycle. However, to rule out that gonorrhoea is not induced by other factors, such as stress, it is good to take the test. In fact, even if a delay in the menstrual cycle could be related to a pregnancy, there are also other reasons why it does not arrive when it should. Therefore, we can conclude that among the symptoms of a possible pregnancy there are certainly nausea, which generally disappears at the end of the first trimester. Moreover, due to hormones, during pregnancy, one could try more or less sexual desire, but this question is very subjective. Instead, among the most obvious symptoms, we have the tension and pain of the breast , because due to the effect of progesterone, the breasts become turgid, given that they are preparing for a future breastfeeding and therefore more sensitive, so much so that wearing a bra could also be extremely annoying. Moreover, the nipples could become wider and darker and present small protuberances called tubercles of Montgomery. Buy using fertilty pills you can getting pregnant fast after miscarriage

How many days before there are premenstrual symptoms

We know that our body’s signals are sometimes not very clear and the symptoms of early pregnancy can be confused with PMS . If you are trying to have a baby, it is easy for you to expect menstruation with some anxiety every month and you could be deceived every time you feel strange, feel a little pain in the breast or some cramp in the lower abdomen. In short, it is good to know that drowsiness, pain in the breast, abdominal pains, irritability, nausea and many other small ailments can be the symptoms of a pregnancy in progress, but they can also be simply the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. When do premenstrual symptoms start ? By premenstrual syndrome we mean a range of sensations that anticipate the appearance of the menstrual cycle by 7/4 days and disappear as soon as menstruation begins. They are mainly caused by hormonal changes that occur in conjunction with the onset of menstruation.

Menstrual pain or pregnancy

In the days preceding the onset of the cycle it is very common to have a stomach ache , that is to say pains in the lower abdomen that lead to the onset of menstruation, but even in the first days after conception pains can occur in this same area. These are small tummies in the lower abdomen that can also be a sign of pregnancy because they are linked to the moment of implantation of the embryo of the uterine walls, a phenomenon that can also lead to spotting.

Pregnancy symptoms equal to those of the cycle?

So can we say that the symptoms of pregnancy are the same as those of the cycle? Undoubtedly they are very similar and in some cases they are the same. It is easy to exchange them, for this the advice, whether you are looking for a pregnancy or whether you fear an unwanted pregnancy, to remain calm and wait a few days, until the onset of menstruation. Gonorrhea, that is the disappearance of the cycle , undoubtedly represents the most striking sign of a pregnancy so you can do a home urine test even after a few days of delay. The current ones are very sophisticated and can detect the presence of Beta hormones even a few days after conception. If the test is negative and after a few days the cycle still does not appear it can be repeated.

How to understand being pregnant

We can think with a certain realism of being pregnant if we have had unprotected sex in the previous days and if we have never suffered from premenstrual syndrome. It is clear that some symptoms are more related to a possible pregnancy:

Nausea : caused by the constant increase of beta Hcg hormones, it occurs mainly in the morning;

Drowsiness : it is a fairly common symptom of pregnancy;

pain and tension in the breast: although this can be a symptom of premenstrual syndrome, a continuous and persistent tension of the breast that lasts for days can be a symptom of pregnancy;

need to urinate often : another frequent and common manifestation of the first weeks of pregnancy. In any case, the best way to understand if you are pregnant is to wait for menstruation to arrive and possibly take a test, which is almost 100% reliable, after a few days of delay. Everything you need to know about pregnancy : from the first symptoms to those of the last trimester, a complete guide from the pregnancy test step by step – when to take the test and how to read the result – to the calculation of the weeks of pregnancy until detail of the 40 weeks. Focus on extra uterine pregnancy and other complications that can put pregnancy at risk .

Symptoms of pregnancy

For a woman who wants to get pregnant it is very important to pay attention to the first symptoms of pregnancy and distinguish them from premenstrual symptoms . In the first few weeks, signs of an ongoing pregnancy vary by woman and woman, but beware, they may not show up or appear later. The first symptom, the most important and significant, is the gonorrhea, the missed arrival of menstruation, especially if the cycle is always regular and you have had reports on fertile days. The hormones that are activated following the fertilization of the egg, are also responsible for some transformations in the woman’s body.

Here are the main symptoms of pregnancy before the cycle:

Breast and abdomen tension

Lower abdominal pains

Losses from plant

Excessive tiredness

Nausea and different sensitivity towards smells and tastes

Tendency to urinate more often

Increased basal temperature

The pregnancy test

” Am I pregnant or is it a simple delay? “. When menstruation is slow in arriving and the cycle is not regular, the best way to dispel any doubt is to carry out a pregnancy test. But how does the test work and when to do it to have a more reliable result? The pregnancy test can be purchased at the pharmacy, is performed on urine, and highlights the presence of the hormone Beta hCG , the human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is produced when the embryo is implanted in the uterus. The test comes in the form of a stick or a map and contains antibodies that react if the pregnancy hormone is present. It must be remembered that the Beta hCG levelit is maximum between the 7th and 12th week of pregnancy . Then the level goes down, and then becomes stable throughout the pregnancy and up to 3 weeks after the birth.

When to do the pregnancy test

But when is it better to do the pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant or not? After how many days can you do it? The best time to perform the test should be in the morning as soon as you get up, fasting, with the first urine because it contains a higher concentration of the beta hCG hormone. The test should be carried out at least a week after the presumed date on which menstruation should have arrived . If you have a regular cycle, a week delay, it could be a symptom of pregnancy, but it is not 100% safe. Furthermore, testing after a few days may give a false result, because the beta HCG hormone present in the urine reaches its maximum level between the seventh and twelfth week of pregnancy. Some tests are able to calculate the presence of this hormone after two weeks from conception, but in some cases, if there was a delay in ovulation, the test result could be negative.

The calculation of the weeks of pregnancy

The pregnancy lasts on average 10 lunar months, or 40 weeks that begin to count from the last menstruation to the date most possible for the birth . A physiological pregnancy can therefore end in three weeks before and two after this date (ie between 37 and 42 weeks). But how do you calculate the weeks of pregnancy ? The obstetric ruler can be a valid tool to calculate the expected date of birth and understand which week you are. There are also numerous apps or sites that allow you to calculate the weeks of pregnancy: on Amphetamine you will find a calculator of the expected date of birth andof the week you are in. During the 40 weeks of gestation it is possible to follow the growth of the fetus, its development, and record the different symptoms of pregnancy, and how the body of the future mother changes. Each month has precise characteristics: in the first trimester there is the discovery of the positive test and the emotion of the first ultrasound , during the second trimester important examinations are made – such as the morphological or amniocentesis – the last trimester is the most difficult and increases the desire to know the child. Many women when they find that they are waiting for a child wonder how much they can get fat in pregnancy and how their weight increases during pregnancy

Weight in pregnancy

The moment of pregnancy is characterized for all women by some physical modifications: the forms are rounded, it feels more swollen and often changes the perception of the self and the image that each woman has of her body. All this is natural and physiological and also depends on the hormonal changes that aim to create optimal conditions for the growth of the child. But how much can you get fat in pregnancy ? And how to calculate the weight well in pregnancy ?

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